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A nation drunk with corrupt mixture;
adamant barnacles firmly attached to her vessel of indifference;
worms, belligerent, lay ambush in her throat for scarce consumptions
On the way to idle intestines

Should we not deny the termites and canker worms of meal, declare a dry lent and quell this menace?
Shouldn’t we quell the fiesta of muscled flies on our shameful deposit?
In this utopia of woodlice
In this corrupt autocracy said to be nascent
This patrimony of belligerent parasites we owe our laborious existence

Tell me, who will cut down these old Irokos of madness
For this thick undergrowth to feel the sun?
Except this prowling cat will bell itself.

©Sesan Ogundele Jan 2012


No fire of rhymes today in the furnace of lyrics
Broadcast silence for audience in heaven
Death is to be frogmarched to shame land

Now, you seek life in songs
But I seek songs in silence
Every moment my ears itch for your lyrical redemption

My mind, enslaved to freedom, lit the lamp of questions
Did you take the rain to appease the desert?
Did you take the fireflies to guide you through the night?

You’ll remain living on this dying earth
Where many path-seekers, seek the road to where
 Lyrics, mixed with silence freely flow.

Your soul is tethered
To this talkative drum of redemption
Until the very end of time.

Sesan Ogundele2011

Lucky Dube, the South African reggae musician who recorded 22 albums in a 25-year period was murdered, four years ago today, by men believed to be carjackers.

COMING SOON (a poem by Sesan Ogundele)

Ashes in the cities
Fireworks for the elites
More promises will follow
More bodies to the grave – hollow
Where men we lost
Now wear amours of dust

The promises we heard
With all the comfort it bred
Built vapour castles
That house our lazy muscles
Until the wind visits
To test all our guts

Two promises
From familiar sources
One kept
The other is, in the space
Between death
And our valuable existence,
For ever kept

Dolls rule
Without clue
Where wise men are audience
Gifted in the art of silence
Till the bulky rams
Maim all our humble lambs

Coming soon
Another explosion
Follow by another promise
To take the situation serious
And children’s endless longing
To hear again, the birds singing.

All rights reserve, Sesan Ogundede September 7, 2011