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5 Tips to Converse and Make New Friends Everyday.

​We meet people every day, at the bus stops, train stations, in the plane, at events etc. Here are 5 simples tips to convert strangers to friends 

1. Be confident: open up a conversation, start from saying hello, introduce yourself and connect with him or her. 
2. Pay attention: make eye contacts, listen genuinely ask question if you miss or didn’t get something they say. 
3. Give: giving does not necessarily imply material or monetary, you could give your ears, your effort, you could show concern, you could give genuine complements and of course in some cases you might have to give gifts.
4. Be real: be yourself, do not pretend to be whom you are not. Remember and always tell yourself you are unique in your own way and no other individual in the world is a prototype of you.
5. Understand the conversation and flow along with it. When it’s time to depart, ensure there is something your new friend can remember about you for a long time to come. Ensure that what he or she can remember about you is not negative. Ensure that you know his or her name and try not to forget. If you get his or her number, make sure you keep in touch. 

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Power Of Proactive Prayerpoints

Rev. David Esosa Ize – Iyamu of Jesus Evangelical Assembly is a minister of God with great grace to deliver undiluted word of God. According to him, we live in a world where we can’t run away from spiritual warfare as satan and  his agents are always on the prowl.

On Wednesday, at the church early morning, weekly, prayer meeting, he affirmed that every christian need to have prayer list so as to ensure that we do not forget to pray the right prayer points as at when due. He further stated that it is important to have a list of daily prayer points.

According to him, having been walking with God for two decades he has come to the obvious realization that praying specific prayer points over a period of time is very effective in spiritual warfare. He quoted James 5 v 16 to back up his strong recommendation of effectual fervent prayer.

Afterward he recommended the following prayer points as tested and proven to be highly effective prayer points that should be on our list of daily prayer points.

1. Every attempts by the enemy and his agents to steal, to kill and to destroy we resist and cancel in Jesus name.

2. We resist and cancel every potential danger or hidden danger away from our lives, away from our loved ones in Jesus name.

3. Every potential accident or misfortune on the road, in the air and in the sea, we resist and cancel away from our lives away from our loved ones in Jesus name.

4. Every evil agenda, every form of conspiracy against my life, against my interest, against my loved ones be exposed and canceled in Jesus name.

5. Every attempt to initiate or manipulate into witchcraft or occultism, our children, our loved ones and any member of our household be exposed and canceled in Jesus name.

6. Every demonic attack against our lives in our sleep and dreams, we resist and cancel

7. Every demonic obstacle standing in the way of God’s answer to my prayer I bind and cast out in Jesus name.

8. Every potential pitfall, every trap and temptation, every costly mistake ahead of us, Lord intervene and prevent in Jesus name.

He emphasised strongly on the need to always pray proactive prayer points.

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