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ENOUGH (For Enough is Enough Nigeria)

Sucked to flatness, our firmed breast of patience
Licked to dryness, our sweet honey of hope

Let’s probe the wind
Let’s probe the shadows of ghost citizens
Let’s probe this coterie of vampires
In their peak of sadism

Save the children
Save the factories of the best products of life
Bring back peace from exile


A nation drunk with corrupt mixture;
adamant barnacles firmly attached to her vessel of indifference;
worms, belligerent, lay ambush in her throat for scarce consumptions
On the way to idle intestines

Should we not deny the termites and canker worms of meal, declare a dry lent and quell this menace?
Shouldn’t we quell the fiesta of muscled flies on our shameful deposit?
In this utopia of woodlice
In this corrupt autocracy said to be nascent
This patrimony of belligerent parasites we owe our laborious existence

Tell me, who will cut down these old Irokos of madness
For this thick undergrowth to feel the sun?
Except this prowling cat will bell itself.

┬ęSesan Ogundele Jan 2012