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I am blessed

I am blessed, my family is blessed, my generation is blessed, Africa is blessed, my world is blessed. The creator of heaven and earth has make our lives so colourful.

Thank God it’s Sunday

Every sunday present the opportunity to listen to the word of God from the throne of mercy and this is why I love sundays so much. I look forward to every sunday because it is a time of spiritual refreshment.

Salvation is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so privilege to have a man of God that does not compromise God’s standard, as a spiritual father. Every message from Rev. David Esosa Ize-Iyamu, the dynamic General Overseer of Jesus Evangelical Assembly (JEA), moves me from where I am to where I should be. (For his sermons and teachings visit

I am happy I am a christian!
I am happy I am a son of God!
Thank God it’s Sunday again!


No fire of rhymes today in the furnace of lyrics
Broadcast silence for audience in heaven
Death is to be frogmarched to shame land

Now, you seek life in songs
But I seek songs in silence
Every moment my ears itch for your lyrical redemption

My mind, enslaved to freedom, lit the lamp of questions
Did you take the rain to appease the desert?
Did you take the fireflies to guide you through the night?

You’ll remain living on this dying earth
Where many path-seekers, seek the road to where
 Lyrics, mixed with silence freely flow.

Your soul is tethered
To this talkative drum of redemption
Until the very end of time.

Sesan Ogundele2011

Lucky Dube, the South African reggae musician who recorded 22 albums in a 25-year period was murdered, four years ago today, by men believed to be carjackers.